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Fordway Case Studies

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Security and GDPR Workshop

Fordway's Security & GDPR Analysis Workshop is a one day workshop run by Fordway to help you ascertain the steps your organisation needs to take in order to achieve compliance. Get more information and sign up!

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Protecting your Saas data in the Cloud

If your cloud applications were compromised by ransomware how would your organisation cope? Endpoint Data Protection and Compliance powered Druva Insync helps to safeguard an end-users data sources across multiple devices including laptop and mobile. Find out Endpoint Data Protection and Compliance works.
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Moving complex legacy applications into the cloud

As more businesses move to a hybrid cloud model, we are increasingly coming across organisations that need to take complex legacy applications with them into the cloud. These can range from the database that has been used by HR for the past 15 years to that clunky application that nobody really likes but is integral to day-to-day operations. Read more about migrating legacy applications to cloud in the Fordway blog.
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Fordway Cloud Services

Find out more about Fordway's  Cloud Services.  We have our own Managed Cloud Services as well as a our Cloud Intermediation Services which help you throughout your cloud journey from design and build to migration and management.