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Moving one or more services to cloud is a strategic decision, but as with any change programme it is just the first step in a journey and can be approached in many ways. To support you here are lessons learned based on our projects experience.

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Do you really want to change IT? Some popular cloud myths decontructed documentation-1 arrow

Do you really want to change IT?


We all acknowledge the benefits and value that data and automation can bring. But the tricky bit is simply getting there.

Some popular cloud myths deconstructed


There are a number of myths which have sprung up around cloud especially on customisation, security, flexibility and more.

For the record, those cloud services won't document themselves

Organisations spend a lot of money buying the right IT tools and services to support their business but how visible is the investment?

Tips for Cloud Migration


Cloud migration needs planning, dedicated resources, defined success criteria, a test plan and skills.