From our experience many customers have been busy adopting Office 365, but have discovered that there are elements of its administration and function that haven't been utilised or could be improved.

Fordway's 0365 specialists can assist in two ways:

Onsite IT Consultancy

We provide onsite consultancy to plan, install or review your existing O365 installation, troubleshooting any outstanding issue you might have and provide advice on how to optimise and get the features enabled your organisation needs.

O365 Surgeries

Alternatively Fordway run 0365 workshops or 'surgeries' as we call them to run through common issues and features, aimed at helping you develop a plan that helps your organisation to deliver the service your organisation demands.

The purpose of the Office 365 surgery:

Learn from not only our subject matter expert, but also likeminded professionals with whom you'll be able to share ideas and opportunities with going forward. We can pretty much guarantee that the answer to your question will be in that room and if now we'd be happy to discuss how Fordway can help you deliver the desired service and quality outcomes.

Where: Fordway offices in Godalming

Cost: £250 per attendee

Each surgery is limited to 6 places to ensure that those attending derive the maximum value. Places are available on a first come first served basis. If you are unable to attend or cannot respond quickly we will be scheduling further sessions.

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